Surgeons of Steel

Fall 2017 Issue

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  • P2. President’s Letter
  • P3. 2017 Board of Directors, Table of Contents, Calendar of Events
  • P5. In the Know, Classified Ads
  • P6. Local Perspective on Women and Millennials in Manufacturing
  • P9. Get Started with EDI
  • P10. On-the Job Training Money Available
  • P11. How Can You Help Local High School and How it is Helping its Community.
  • P12. Watertown High School Financial Appeal
  • P 13. Focus on Federated: Family Succession Planning with Trusts
  • P14. Summer Outing Recap and Thank Yous
  • P16. HR Question of the Month: Indefinite Leave.  Can You Terminate?
  • P18. Legislative Update: Workers Compensation – Time for a Fee Schedule
  • P20. Charter Member, Stanek Tool, Looks Back
  • P22. TDMAW member Teaching the Next Generation of Die Designers
  • P24. TDMAW Members, Partners & Sponsors Attend Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show
  • P25. Partner & Sponsor Directory