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Toolmaking as a Career

Every product that we touch in daily life, a toolmaker touches first. Toolmakers build precise, complex tools used in high technology industries such as aerospace, medical, automotive, defense, construction, and consumer products.

If you are a mechanically minded, hands-on person who likes problem solving, designing and building things, accepting responsibility, teamwork, math and industrial science, take a look at what toolmaking has to offer.

Manufacturing Career Benefits:

  • Mentally challenging projects, each different from the previous one – toolmaking is not repetitious production work
  • Good working environment – today’s tool and die shops are clean, safe, environmentally friendly and equipped with computerized machine tools; they are not the greasy, gloomy shops of yesteryear
  • Excellent advancement potential and the ability to move in to other career areas
  • The highest level of job security and the financial strength to provide for yourself and your family

Click here to view  a printable TDMAW Manufacturing Career Informational Flyer outlining the career paths in advanced manufacturing along with earning potential.